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Account Statement WHMCS Module

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Looking for a WHMCS Module that can assist in all the aspects of your account transactions’ billing and collections? WGS Account Statement Module is the one-stop solution to cater all your business needs. It automates the online billing accounts statements and sends all statements to users every single month on their anniversary date. The module is superfast, easy-to-use, and convenient to receive your statements. Basically, it is an electronic version of your account statements that lets you easily access your WHMCS Billing System.

How Account Statement WHMCS Module helps Web hosting companies?

  1. Avoid repetitive accounts statement requests from your customers by allowing them to download their account statement for the desired time frame via their account panel.
  2. Admin can send Bulk Account Statements to their customers by selecting a specific time frame provided in the backend.
  3. Admin can schedule auto account statements via email to all their customers monthly, quarterly, annually or on a specific day.
  4. Admin can easily manage the fonts, paper size of the account statement PDF from the backend admin panel.
  5. Admin can now set the type of invoice (whether paid or unpaid) that he/she wants to show to the customers via account statement.
  6. Easily Download Statements In Client Area
  7. Get Specific User Statement
  8. Updated PDF template for account statement
  9. Functionality to send account statement  to selected customers
  10. Send weekly statements to customers & self adjust logo placement

…and much more.


Find out more at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/account-statement-module/


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