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NTT Adds 7th Data Centre Site and Further Plans to Expand 120+ MW Capacity in London

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NTT has announced the launch of its seventh London-based data centre location in the London neighbourhood of Hemel Hempstead. It is expected to deliver half of its full capacity in phase 1, as well as 9,600m2 of IT space and 24MW of IT load once fully built up.

NTT also intends to spend in order to extend the capacity of its data centre in Dagenham, East London, which opened in 2020. NTT's data centre in London now provides 53+MW of operational IT capacity.

With this additional investment, the NTT will be able to operate in the London market with a capacity of 120+MW when Hemel Hempstead 4 and London 1 are completed.

Read More: https://www.hostingseekers.com/blog/ntt-announced-expansion-of-120-mw-data-centre-in-london

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