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Inspur and JD Cloud Partner Collaborate To Launch ORS3000S Liquid-Cooled Server

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The green technology for systematic cold-plate cooling reduces energy consumption in data centres and is available as an innovative world-class production facility suitable for broad implementation.

At the Inspur Partner Forum (IPF 22) 2022, Inspur, a prominent cloud computing and big data service provider, announced the liquid-cooled rack server ORS3000S in conjunction with JD Cloud, a digital solution provider. The new cutting-edge server employs cold-plate liquid cooling technology to increase heat dissipation efficiency by 40%.

It is powered by a centralised power supply with N+N redundancy that meets the requirements of a complete rack power supply and may provide optimum efficiency through power optimization. In compared to a specialised power source, this results in a 10% increase in total efficiency.


Read More: https://www.hostingseekers.com/blog/inspur-and-jld-cloud-announcement

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